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2D Drafting Services

Ex-Verto Engineering will convert 3D CAD models to 2D drawing format. Many manufactures still use 2D CAD formats in this manufacturing software. We eliminate the need for your vendors to raise the price by having them do the converting. We can provide specific 2D CAD/CAM formats for your specific manufacturer. Also we can save you time and hassle from 3D CAD models provided by high tier suppliers.

3D Drafting Services

Ex-Verto Engineering can convert your old 2D model formats to 3D CAD models. Just like 2D CAD services, some manufactures or suppliers require 3D CAD formats. Old 2D drawings are constantly being converted to 3D CAD formats to provide better engineering design.

Why have your in-house engineers spend hours converting when you can outsource it to us for a very low cost?