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Plastic seals are widely used in sealing applications, whether its for the actual seal itself or as components such as anti-extrusion rings or bearings. Our most common plastic sealing solution is the PTFE seal (or Teflon Seal). This type of seal is typically used in situations with high wear, low friction, or temperate ranges outside of where elastomer or rubber seals usually cannot operate in. PTFE seals also offer a nice range of chemical resistance. Other examples of plastic materials are UHMW and PEEK. Depending on the situation, Ex-Verto will recommend material choices designed to meet your product needs.

Typical applications include: reciprocating, such as piston or shaft seals; rotary; static enivornments; and multi-dynamic applications.

In addition to plastic sealing, Ex-Verto Engineering also provides sealing complements such as ptfe value seats (ptfe seats), plastic bearings, ptfe o-rings and much more.